How do you manage your business when your core processes are erratic and varying in quality and throughput capacity?

Our organization understands your current workflow and guides you with Business Process which brings steadiness in your organization and can help you to grow in terms of delivery. We help team to work independently on process flows, definitions, and performance metrics to give them an idea what they are missing with. So they understand value of it and import on it which in result define process for your organization.

We work across the organization to establish dependencies and We utilize our experience with systems design, industrial psychology, and process improvement methodologies. We implementation & monitor each and every step the team works on and we define a servant lender who helps team to follow the process and bring great results.

Our Organization has enhanced business process change management way out which would help companies to get organized and deliver quality product as a greater speed. We understand the potential that an efficient, well-managed process can bring to service organizations.

Business processes must by updated by the organization to become more efficient, they need to adapt new process and services to match up with growing world, thrive within complex marketplace and regulatory environments. Our service helps you to improve and revolutionize your business processes by working on business process analysis, comprehend, definition and execution. Our Organizations helps our clients develop processes that align systems, people and work with mission to deliver long-term results.

We offer: -

Process Mapping.

Which will help your organizations to Align operations with business strategy, Improve process communication, Increase control & consistency, Improve operational efficiency, Gain competitive advantage.

Process Improvement and Re-engineering.

Is it time to revamp an area of the business? We deliver a grounded, tried-and-true method for moving through the stages of an incremental or clean slate initiative.

Capability Mapping.

Jdconslutancygroup provides reliable profiles of an organization’s capabilities and their respective performance across a variety of areas. Which helps them to Identify gaps and duplication,Clearly articulate business pain points and achieve quick wins, Prioritise and focus projects against strategy and real need.


This is How we mold organization to bring in STAR RESULTS


  1. Change Readiness Assessment

    The Change Readiness Assessment verifies that is your organization ready for the change. This change would include critical area including communication, employee satisfaction, capacity, culture, urgency, engagement, leadership, and more.
  1. People Deliver Results.

    We support organization from beginning to end so they can easily adapt the change and people working inside organization gives results with positive thinking. We make people responsible by making them understand the value of delivering good work. We provide atmosphere to grow by learning new things and deliver products faster with quality. We train them to follow standards.
  1. Communication Planning and Execution.

    We design outstanding communication channel across organization which brings everyone on same platform and they can easily communicate with one another. These may include slack,, Skype, Trello, jira as well as town hall meetings, staff meeting presentations, white papers, regular emails, and more.
  1. Leading for Results Training.

    We offer a product wise team training where everyone is trained about the process, everyone is explained roles and responsibilities associated with those roles. We train the team for four weeks where each and every step of process is explained to them in detail. We hand hold the team till they are set with the process and they are confident that they would be able to deliver the product successfully with the process they are following. Training results in team leading quality, responsible team, dedication, value in delivering good work, happiness.