With our digital marketing solutions we provide marketing solutions in near about all in the business industries. We product a great environment to startups to grow online with our digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing
With "Digital marketing" we help you building and maintaining customer relationships through online activities using internet like SEO, SEM, Influencer marketing, Social media marketing, e-mail marketing etc...
Digital Advertising
With our advertising we help you with strategic solutions to stay ahead of competition & in front of consumers at right place and at right time. Our prime focus is on enhancing your brand exposure.
Online Market Research
In online market research, we select and reach the respondents to be surveyed efficiently, through highly targeted advertising. These respondents click on the ads and are taken to an online market survey tool, which records their response
JD Consultancy Group" Commitment is to get your site on the first/second page for Google and Bing for atleast 90% of your keywords. Our SEO package is a full Digital marketing package which includes both search engine optimization and social media optimization activities.
Social Media Marketing
With help driving qualified traffic to your website by advertising your business on search engines like google, yahoo, bing. Promote your business across social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, also promote on 100s of sites and social media pages.
SEM / PPC / Paid Search
We help you with SEO friendly keywords specific to your business and help you reach your customer quickly. Google AdWords, Google analytics, SEM add help you maximizing your ROI in SEM.

There is always a need in the market for everything, you just need to find a right customer for your product.