Product selling
At JD Consultancy Group, we help companies market multiple software products in the industry. Using various proven marketing strategies with innovative solutions we give our customers their desired results. We have listed a few process and hints that we usually follow:

  1. Report Generation

Initially, we know the product line of your company, the latest happenings and technologies related to your industry and how your product stands up against your competitor brands. Besides, we do research on all aspects that surround your product and company. Accordingly, we generate a product report which is of great help when dealing with clients.

  1. Prospect and Pre-approach

We identify your target audience and users with innovative strategies and look for the market potential and identify your customers. Then we carry out a competitive analysis based on customer profile, exact needs of customers, cost they will pay, their past deals with your company and their business verticals.

  1. Brand awareness

To promote your product we focus on creating strong and qualitative brand awareness for your product software. We instill new strategies which help in creating your product’s brand awareness through various campaigns on social media and is spread through both inbound and outbound marketing ideas.


  1. How we market your product

Our main focus lies on such activities and campaigns that result in lead generation and target potential customers. Our activities include various content marketing efforts such as paid advertising, social media, emails, direct traffic and more.


  1. Negotiation

We believe in instigating smart negotiations with your clients by creating value as such that they negotiate on your terms and not the opposite.