Are you a Startup? Are you looking to build a product for your startup?

WHY TO CREATE A NEW PRODUCT, when there are ready made products available in the out world. We @ JD Consultancy Group help you find those ready made products which match your requirements. Which in turn will SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY and are modifiable. Tell us your requirement and we will find the product for you.

Here are the tons of benefits you would be get using existing product from the market: -

1).   Saves lots of time and energy. (You own the product in 15 days or a month, which is like no time to own a product, if you go for creating a product from scratch it would take 6 months or may be more)

2).   No need to focus on development and team and requirements management etc... You get ample amount of time to focus on business.

3).   Don't need to waste time to look for a team and manage everything, as you are getting everything ready mate kind of a plug and play.

4).   Plus overall cost of getting the product is less than how much you would be investing in creating a product.

5).   Get an option to select a product which suits your business from a list of products available in the market.


Here is the list of products for your reference: -

E-Commerce Platform

Buy & Sell is an eCommerce platform for buying and selling the products for any industry or any market segment. The design, UI we have is suitable for the Fashion & Product industry, but is scalability of the script enables it to be used for any industry. You can enhance your product by putting your creation on a virtual catwalk for the world to see them using our product.

Vacation Rental

Create, maintain & operates a great vacation & holiday based website with Vacation Rental Script with online booking & payment module options. This would help you to start your business in no time. It contains a built in CMS which would enable you to update your content, images as per your requirement in no time.

Social Media App

Social media app with scripts will help you create your own Social Media App which would include sharing of content, images between users. Influencer marketing, Branding & advertising, broadcasting and publishers. Which would help you to promote your business to the maximum number of users.